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Why I choose MB SD C4 MUX+ V2017.03 Xentry+ Lenovo T410 kit?

Publié le 20/04/2017 à 08:38, Etats-Unis
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I recently bought an entire kit MB SD C4 MUX+ V2017.03 DAS Xentry HDD+ Lenovo T410laptop for my Mercedes repair shop. This kit is very useful and practical to earn my living!
Below I list some reasons why I choose this kit for your reference. Maybe you will also like it!
About convenience:
Everything is ready! I can directly use it when I open the package box.
Software is preinstalled and activated in a 500GB HDD. I can just insert the HDD in Lenovo T410 and run DAS Xentry.
I don’t need to worry about complicated Xentry installation and any risk and trouble caused by one wrong step.
About MB SD Connect MUX:
This MB SD Connect C4 support both WIFI and LAN cable. It’s easy for my daily use! And no need COM port computer.
I can use it to diagnose 1996-2006 all Mercedes car and truck, coding and programming also OK.
About software:
It is latest software V2017.03 MB Star C4 Xentry, support Mercedes SCN Coding online just pay it extra. I run it on WIN 7.
About the laptop:
I have DELL D630 for other usage, compare with D630, Lenovo T410 has higher configuration 4 GB, 2.53GHZ and I5 CPU. It runs faster!


Hope it helps!

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