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The fault light of the Camry engine is filled with water

Publié le 4/05/2018 à 13:24,
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Symptoms: Check the engine fault light and side-slip indicator to light up the alarm. After the technician received the car, the two fault lights were still on. The idle engine runs smoothly.

Open the cover and find that the direction of the battery connection terminal is abnormal, the two cans of the canister solenoid valve are connected incorrectly, and there are many installation errors. The customer was then asked to know that the car's engine was damaged due to heavy rain and drowning. It was xhorse lighted after a small repair shop had repaired the fault lamp within 3 days. After obtaining the customer's consent, the wrong alignment and piping were corrected first. After the test, the fault light was still on and the fault code was still P0012. It is determined that there is an actual fault in the engine system.

Fault diagnosis: Judging from the above preliminary inspection, the direction of the fault should be on the timing and on the VVT-i system. Considering that the engine has just been overhauled, there is a high possibility that timing and error will be correct. The valve chamber cover was removed and the cgdi timing and tension of the chain were checked. No abnormality was found. It seems that the timing lag should be on the VVT-i system. The active test of the VVT-i control system was immediately conducted through IT-II, and when the engine was idling, the intake camshaft advance angle was 0° when 49% of the VVT-i actuator was intentionally controlled by IT-II. The engine idle speed is still running smoothly. In normal circumstances, when the forward advance reaches 49%, due to the transitional overlap of the intake and exhaust valve opening angles, excessive exhaust gas enters the cylinder, and the engine's idle speed should be severely unstable and extinguished. It can be understood that the VVT-i system does not advance or retard the intake camshaft as instructed.

Possible causes of analysis are: 1VVT-i actuator stuck. 2VVT-i system oil filter plugged 3VVT-i oil engine oil blockage. 4 Control solenoid valve stuck or faulty. According to the degree of difficulty in construction, the solenoid valve was first dismantled for electrical testing, and the result was that the valve core was not stuck. Then, the oil filter of the VVT-i was dismantled. No plugging or foreign matter was found. Is this failure a failure of the VVT-i actuator or the blockage of the oil passage? To find out whether the oil gallery is blocked, think of a way to inject compressed air into the oil passage hole of the VVT-i strainer. As a result, the oil hole in the autel md808 cylinder head vented, indicating that the oil passage of the VVT-i was not blocked. Is it true that the VVT-i actuator is really broken? Considering that the amount of work required to disassemble the VVT-i actuator is too large.

Ask the customer again about the process of overhaul. The customer reflected that the water had bent a connecting rod and changed the 4 connecting rods and 4 piston overhaul kits. The cylinder head did not move. The camshaft has not been decomposed. The VVT-i actuator itself is not likely to fail. It seems that the failure must be re-analyzed. After careful observation of the VVT-i solenoid valve, it xhorse key machinesuddenly became apparent (as shown in Fig. 2) that the original solenoid valve spool was accidentally rotated at a certain angle to form a seal between the solenoid valve and the oil hole in the cylinder head. This caused the failure. After the last replacement of the VVT-i solenoid valve, engine oil and engine oil grid, the VVT-i was tested actively. The test was passed, the engine was turned off, and the fault was eliminated.


How does an automobile generator charge the battery?

Publié le 16/04/2018 à 13:07,
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The charging of the battery by the engine is not much related to the time, mainly related to the operation of the engine. When the engine is idling, the charge indicator will go out and the generator will begin to generate electricity. The higher the engine speed, the greater the power generation. After the vvdi prog adapter generator's power generation meets the power requirements of the vehicle's electrical equipment, the rest will be Charge the battery.

The engine, AC motor, battery, and electrical load on the car are an interconnected system. That means when the engine is autel md808 pro idling, the current generated by the generator can not charge the battery. However, it is guaranteed that the battery will not consume power.

The balance of energy on the car also needs to be considered. The restart of the engine after shutdown must take into account the state of charge of the battery. The battery can be considered as an energy storage device and supplies various loads. In turn, the alternator must charge the battery. Energy provider. Battery MQB IMMO If the discharge exceeds the charge, then the battery with a large capacity will be discharged step by step until it is vented. So many people say that the ideal state is to balance the energy of the input and output of the battery.

In fact, the charge indicator on the vehicle does not indicate whether the battery is charging or whether the engine is charging at what speed. When the alternator is under heavy load, the charging indicator light will be extinguished and the battery will not be charging but discharging. It is also important to note that if the charge indicator does not go off at high speed, it indicates that the alternator, regulator, line, or drive belt has failed.


Troubleshooting of Driving Jitter of BMW 523Li Car

Publié le 16/03/2018 à 12:47,
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The 2008 BMW E60 523Li sedan with a mileage of over 226,000 km and a 6HP-21 transmission. The vehicle's small throttle 2 to 3 engine speed VAS 6154 when the 1800 ~ 2000r/min, 20-30km / h when the car shakes, in the four-speed engine speed at 2200r/min, 50km / h or so when the occasional continuous jitter, Like a small, very small continuous deceleration belt, it is not shaken (feeling that the lock-up clutch in the torque converter is not working well), and the large throttle 1-6 stops the engine from 1000 to 3000 r/min without jitter phenomenon.

Fault diagnosis: back to the factory with Jinde KT600 decoder to read the fault code, the engine system is normal, the transmission cgdi prog system is normal, the road test reads the data flow is mainly read the torque converter lock case, found in the second gear when the torque converter The lock-up clutch display has been adjusted. At this time, the vehicle speed starts to fluctuate slightly from about 20km/h. When the data display is off, the car is normal. When the speed is 40km/h, the 3rd gear is changed and the data is displayed. At this moment, the car started to shake again, shake a few times, the data showed that it was closed, and the car immediately returned to normal. When the data show that the car has x300dp pad been adjusted to shake, show that the car has been closed to normal, when the throttle is almost 1000 ~ 3000r/min data shows that the car has been closed, the car is normal, which is more sure of the problem is the torque change point The lock is not good.

Troubleshooting: The problem is solved after replacing the torque converter.

Fault summary: personally think that this problem is the torque converter inside the friction plate and the lock plate work surface uneven or deformed, resulting in a combination of locking work is not true, resulting in this situation, when the high Xhorse ELV Emulator throttle engine speed high torque Larger, so the high oil pressure lock-up clutch is now firmly integrated. It has not waited until the pressure of the lockup clutch starts to jitter and enters the next gear, and then the lock-up clutch is started again. This way, if the throttle oil pressure is high, it will not be given. There is a problem with the lockup clutch, so there is no problem.

Safe deposit hidden danger Mercedes-Benz A grade and S grade recall

Publié le 9/03/2018 à 12:24,
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Mercedes-Benz Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. has filed a recall plan with the AQSIQ. From March 8, 2018, it will recall cgdi mb some imported A and S grades. According to statistics of the company, a total of 93 vehicles were involved in the mainland. details as follows:

  Recall models (1)

       From May 24, 2017 to May 25, 2017, some of the imported 2017 A models will be produced, a total of 4 vehicles;

       Recall reason

       Due to production reasons, the bonding of the lower area of ​​the front windshield cannot meet the specification requirements. In sbb2 key programmer some cases, the front windshield may be separated from the body in the affected area. The front windshield that is partially separated from the body may not be able to support the activated airbag as expected, posing a safety hazard.

       Remedy: Mercedes-Benz Automotive Sales Co., Ltd. will check the front windshield adhesion on the affected vehicle for free and replace the windshield if necessary to eliminate defects.

       Recall models (2)

       From the period of October 31st, 2013 to January 25th, 2017, a part of imported S-class 2013-2017 models, a total of 89 vehicles were imported.

       Recall reason: Due to suppliers' manufacturing reasons, the durability of the transistors in the steering assist system control unit does not meet the requirements, and may break due to vibration and temperature changes during the renault can clip operation of the vehicle, affecting the cooling effect of the transistor. If the temperature of the transistor is high, it will affect the function of the steering assist system and there is a safety hazard.

       Remedy: Mercedes-Benz Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. will carry out inspections for the affected vehicles free of charge and replace the steering gear if necessary to eliminate defects.


Audi reverse gear slow reaction gearbox repair

Publié le 26/02/2018 à 12:23,
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A 2005 FAW Audi sedan, the car equipped with 2.4L engine while matching 01J-type chain drive CVT. Symptoms: During normal super DSPIII plus driving speed in the 30 ~ 80km / h speed constant speed constant throttle drive, the vehicle has a slight towering phenomenon, overhaul found that the inverted block unresponsive, if not properly handled there will be a serious impact phenomenon.

Fault diagnosis: the vehicle just entered the factory just complained about the process of driving the vehicle which is very uncomfortable, originally thought it was the engine ignition or fuel system problems, after maintenance found that the engine works SEC-E9 CNC everything is normal without any problem, so the user described the uncomfortable should Related to transmission or chassis drive system components. The technician test found that the user described the uncomfortable phenomenon, in fact, the vehicle within the prescribed speed range constant throttle (throttle) to accelerate driving should be reflected in the transmission. Check the drive shaft, ball cage, ABS, etc. were found no problems, so determine the fault phenomenon comes from the transmission system. Since the transmission system has neither fault code nor data flow and no problems with the data flow and the fact that the transmission is not serviced for a long time, the result should be tried out first by the user's wish to change oil.

In the process of dynamic oil change, the technician not only found that the oil color is dark yellow, but also found through the window with the LED lamp there are fine metal particles in the oil. Therefore, it is suggested to terminate the oil change vvdi key tool renew adapters process, indicating that the transmission has metal parts worn inside , But users still insist on the first oil to try again. After completing the entire dynamic oil change (as shown in Figure 1), the external pressure filter of the transmission was replaced and the road test was carried out after the fuel level was re-established, with a slight but no significant reduction Off the oil off the same fire). In this way the user decided to use it for a period of time to see if the symptom can be alleviated in the subsequent use.


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